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Ruth Matthews


The strategies that worked for me and how you can use them too

Someone wearing a yellow sweater using a type writer on top of a pillow
Someone wearing a yellow sweater using a type writer on top of a pillow

You can feel it.

You know this post is going to be good. It’s going to generate attention and resonate with thousands of readers.

You pour your heart and soul into your work, and then it doesn’t even get curated.

You keep writing. You won’t give up, but still, none of your posts are getting distributed.

You get frustrated, and you burn out. You lose momentum and decide to stop writing. What’s the point of it?

When you publish a post on Medium, it gets reviewed for curation. …

It’s okay if you don’t have something that gets you out of bed in the morning

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

We are asked this question from the beginning of our education. When you’re a kid, it’s fine to want to be a princess, an actress, or a tap-dancer.

As we grow up, our ambitions grow up with us. In high school, we aspire to be doctors, or lawyers, or teachers and then go to college to get an education costing thousands of dollars for a chance at pursuing those careers.

Why, from day one of our existence on planet earth, is there so much emphasis placed on figuring out what…

And what this says about meaningful work.

What is a job, really?

If you break it down: you need money to live. You need a job to get money. Therefore you need a job to live.

But should you work to live, or live to work?

Is it wise to look at a job as just a job, as something you do that doesn’t define you? Or should you chase making money by doing something you’re truly excited and passionate about?

Since starting my first corporate job, 6 months ago, I’ve been turning these questions over a lot in my mind. …

And to how to apply these principles to your writing

When you first starting putting your writing out there online, it’s easy to have certain ideas about what you believe you should ship.

You’ve read high-quality long-form content online for years.

This content makes you click without being clickbait. This content speaks to you as a reader addresses. It addresses your worries and educates you, and inspires you all at the same time.

Good long-form writing challenges you to think about new viewpoints and opens your mind to new possibilities and world-views. That’s why when you first begin writing online, writing listicles are probably the furthest from your mind. I…

Without a bootcamp or online course

Colorful code background
Colorful code background

In today’s digital economy, programming is one of the most important skills to have within your toolkit.

Whilst there’s no doubt that learning to code can open up available roles in tech, it can also help you secure an exciting startup role in the careers of tomorrow, such as content creation or digital marketing.

If you’re dreaming of traveling the world, the tech industry is leading the way in the remote work revolution. Learning to program could also allow you to take on freelance work more readily and become your own boss.

As with any skill, the opportunities available to…

Changing your mindset is the key to fulfillment.

It seems like nobody wants a 9–5 job anymore.

These days I’m bombarded with Facebook and Instagram ads promising to help me create a 7-figure dropshipping business that allows me to quit my 9–5 in less than forty-eight hours if I sign up for their free webinar.

49% of those under 35 now report having some kind of side hustle. After spending almost a year locked up at home, people are slowly catching on to the fact that they can make money through their hobbies and skills using only the internet.

I know online courses asking for thousands of dollars…

Sometimes you’re the problem.

I’ve got a confession to make. Are you ready?

When it comes to relationships with other people, I can be overwhelmingly, self-sabotagingly toxic.

Coming to the realization that you are the toxic one is a slow and uncomfortable process.

When thinking about toxicity in relationships, it’s so easy to put the blame on the other person. You look back on the past and paint them as the one who was responsible for all the fights, jealousy and drama.

How dare they not be able to fulfill your needs for communication? Why couldn’t they just have been honest with you? …

You can have the best of both worlds in content creation

A man stands on top of a rock with arms outstretched towards the sky.
A man stands on top of a rock with arms outstretched towards the sky.

When I first started creating content online, I dismissed the idea of finding a niche to write in as nothing more than conventional, close-minded wisdom I should ignore.

People have more than one or two interests.

I began blogging online to give me some much-needed freedom of self-expression. There was no way I was going to limit myself just because some other writers on the internet said I should.

Fast forward a few months, and my view has changed — but not completely.

When writers refer to finding a ‘niche’ they mean choosing a topic you’re already knowledgable about or…

How you can write less and make more.

Truthfully, I didn’t think I was going to write this.

I think Medium income stories often distract from other, more valuable content on this platform. However, I’ve promised myself that what I write will always be authentic and transparent regardless of what I’m writing about.

Including one monthly story about my progress on Medium counts towards this.

Sure, it can be a bit of a sell-out. The other day I read someone saying that they don’t take people writing about Medium seriously (even though they’d already published stories Medium themselves).

Luckily, I’ve never really cared too much about what other…

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

Seth Godin is one of the best marketing minds in the world.

A serial entrepreneur and author of 18 books, his blog is one of the most popular in the world.

I recently read his book This is Marketing and was struck by how some of the most important marketing lessons were the most simple.

Best of all, the lessons from the book can be applied by anyone; whether you’re starting your 23rd business or an artist just beginning to sell and market your work online.

Sometimes the best way to digest the simplest information is through a quote. Seth…

Ruth Matthews

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